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Welcome to Shopper’s Voice, where smart, value-conscious shoppers like you join to share opinions and influence the brands you care about most.

The online Shopper’s Voice Consumer Product Survey is an easy, free, fast and fun way to offer your input. It helps companies conduct valuable market research so they know which of your favorite products to keep on the shelves and which new ones to launch!

Want to be eligible for exclusive rewards like free samples, money-saving coupons and special offers tailor-made for you? Speak your mind, make a difference and take the consumer survey now.

Plus, you could win $10,000 in the Shopper’s Voice sweepstakes plus
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Laura David,
Director of Research

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Our product survey: What's in it for you

  • Speak your mind: Influence the development of your favorite products.
  • Get rewards: You’ll be eligible for samples, coupons and special offers plus more money-savers from of the best brands in the world.
  • WIN!: Multiple prizes such as the $10,000 Grand Prize and 1 of 12 $500 Gift Cards in our survey sweepstakes.
  • No worries: Your actual survey is confidential. Your privacy is protected as set out in our privacy policy. Plus there’s absolutely no commitment – our survey is always free!

Take the consumer survey now and tell us what you think!

You could WIN $10,000! Take the FREE survey now!
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Sue"I am delighted to take part in the Consumer Survey again. I enjoy doing it. It gives me great discounts and introduces me to new products. Thank you for the coupons that I have received over the last few years." - Sue

Gerald & Pamela "I am so very thankful for including me in your surveys. I enjoy doing them and love exploring new products. I would love to continue doing the surveys and I do appreciate all the coupons I have received. It's been fantastic! - Gerald & Pamela"

Trish"Keep sending the survey as I enjoy filling them. I appreciate the coupons you send, are helpful a every penny we save sure helps. - Trish"

Sophia "I always enjoy filling out this survey. Looking forward to my samples and coupons. Very much appreciated every year. - Sophia"

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